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Ulverston Cumbria

In 1652 George Fox founded the Quaker movement at Swarthmoor Hall (1 mile south of the town off the A590,OS ref SD282772 Sheet 96). Swarthmoor was owned by Judge Thomas Fell whose wife Margaret had been impressed by Fox's teachings and joined his movement. Swarthmoor was used for meetings for 38 years, until a purpose built hall was provided by George Fox. Judge Thomas died not long after Fox had taken up residence in Swarthmoor Hall. Perhaps as a result Margaret threw herself into her work of extolling the Quaker movement, even going to speak to King Charles II on its behalf. This did not keep her out of prison for her outspoken religious views, but while in jail she continued her prolific writing. Eventually Margaret and George Fox married, and they and their followers, though never popular with the Established Church in England, were later given a certain amount of protection by King William III.





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