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Shopping in the New Shambles
(it's actually over two hundred years old)





Kendal Castle



Sizergh Castle

And now a little of the town's history. Kendal did not suffer the ravages of the raiding Scots as did the towns in the north of the county. As a result it was able to develop its trades, mainly in wool. A material called Kendal Green was produced in sizeable quantities: a kind of denim of its time, rough but hard wearing.

Henry VIII after disposing of five wives in various ways married one Katherine Parr, from Kendal.

At one time Kendal had two castles. One was more or less lost to Mother Nature, but the remains of the other survive on a hill above the town, a short walk away and giving good views and a restful place for a picnic.

There are many places to visit in the area: the castle in Kendal itself, Sizergh Castle and Levens Hall to the south; the nature reserve at Whitbarrow, Lake Windermere, only a few miles to the west; a plethora of attractive villages within easy reach, and good road and rail links to any part of the county.





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