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The Promenade, a mile long, gives superb
views over Morecambe Bay

Cartmel Priory Grange-over-Sands itself had humble beginnings as a group of fishermen's cottages owned by the monks of nearby Cartmel Priory, who used it to store their grain giving rise to the town's name. You should visit the superb Cartmel Priory and its neighbouring village of Cartmel when you come to Grange-over-Sands. They are stunningly pretty.

The Victorians took note of the excellent climate of the area and began to build guest houses and hotels in this picturesque spot. Many of the impressive buildings in the town today date from that time. In 1846 the railway came and Grange-over-Sands became a popular place with the well-to-do Victorians of Cumbria, Lancashire and Yorkshire.

At one time, before the arrival of the railway, the main track to the town was over the sands of Morecambe Bay. Dangerous as they were, the overland route was considered more risky due to bandits and highwaymen. No such problems exist now and all the roads to the town are quick and free of heavy traffic.

The town calls itself 'Lakeland's best kept secret'. This is probably true, but it does seem a shame that more people don't come to visit this most enjoyable town. Whatever you are doing in the county you should certainly visit this charming town, you may end up deciding to stay.





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