Changing your display settings in Windows 95

As you travel through the web you may find that some sites look better than others, indeed it may be impossible for you to even read some, the explanation and cure for this common problem is easy.

You may have a great computer with wonderful graphics and fast processor etc. but the chances are when it was shipped the display settings were left at 640 x 480 pixels and very probably only 256 colours.

To change these settings in Windows 95 please follow these simple steps and get a better experience (you may also find headaches become less frequent!)

Step 1
Click the Start Button and go to Settings on the pop-up menu, click on Control Panel.

Step 2
When the Control Panel window opens double click on the Display icon.

Step 3
You will now be presented with the Display Properties window. Click on the Settings tab (on the right). Below the image of the monitor you will see on the left the Colour palette (you should change this to High Colour (16 bit) by selecting it from the drop down menu. However you will need to restart your computer to do this). On the right is the Desktop area- left click and hold down on the slider button and move it to the right one setting to 800 by 600 pixels. Now click OK.

Windows will ask you to confirm the change, click OK.
Your screen will resize and windows will again ask you if you want to keep these new settings- click 'yes'.

If you now have a black border around the window use your monitors controls to adjust the window to fill your screen :-)

Every application will now be more pleasant to use.

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